Demon Hunter – Outlive

Album cover for Demon Hunter's Outlive

Demon Hunter is actually the direct reason for this site. I was wanting to get back into listening to Christian music after a long period of only listening to podcasts with an occasional sprinkling of secular metal. I’ve talked a little about this in the about page but in short I felt lost and overwhelmed, desiring to listen to Godly music which was ACTUALLY Godly, not just trying to manipulate an audience. I was browsing some bands wikipedia pages and came across Demon Hunter. I’ve known their music since their self titled debut but that was a long time ago and who knows anything anymore right? Well, there was a comment on the wiki about how Christian fans really loved Demon Hunter’s bold stance for Christ and that Secular fans had really come to respect Demon Hunter for their solid music and the fact that they really didn’t compromise their stance on their faith.

That stewed around my brain for a while and I pulled up a few different albums of theirs to check out. I settled in with Outlive because it’s a brand new album and I figured it would paint a good picture into where they are at. Listening to it, reading through the lyrics, and listening to interviews with Ryan Clark it is clear that these guys are simply not going to back down from their faith. I’ve actually been working on this update for two weeks due to stuff happening in my personal live but it gave me quite a bit of time to sift through a lot of information around this album. The lyrics are interesting to me. They aren’t like The Burial where every sentence feels like it could be out of the bible or a biblical text book but instead is from a place of living the Christian life day in and day out in a challenging environment and how you grapple with it. It’s subtle and deep and I’ve come to truly appreciate it.


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