Tourniquet – Stop the Bleeding


Tourniquet was one of the first bands I was introduced to as a young Christian. It wasn’t this album, it was 1994’s Vanishing Lessons. When I was thinking about who to focus on this week Tourniquet came to mind and that was the album I was thinking about. However, I want this site to span a wife swath of metal sub-genres and eras. I also want to discover music I hadn’t been exposed to yet in order to expand my available playlist.

Stop the Bleeding is my favorite thing to come out of this project thus far, and that’s surprising. This era of metal is one I usually groan about when I think about it. I’m much more a Metalcore guy personally. That said, this album is amazing. I must have listened to it 100 times in the last few weeks since beginning looking into it. From the opening guitar lick to the final fade out of the last track this album is stellar! Guy Ritter works wonderfully in the vocals in a way I normally dislike quite a bit. The whole band is tight and powerful. Add to that the fantastic lyrics and this record speaks for itself at full volume.


Author: RighteousMetal777

A Christian, a family man, a Metalhead, a Mechanic, a Comic Book fan.

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